Sunday, November 9, 2014

Telling our Family! #11

November 9, 2014

  Well, we have been planning to tell our family that we are expecting #3 over Thanksgiving weekend.  We had planned to just show up. . .looking nice and pregnant! But,  its been a bit tricky. . .and we are getting excited! :)  Its so great to say that,  WE ARE EXCITED!

So, today we took some fun pictures to send in an email to our family!  We sent a couple to them and here are a couple of others!

We feel so blessed to be at this point and pray that this little one inside me will continue to grow healthy and strong.  Jillsie has prayed multiple times that this baby will come home and that she can be a good big sister.  She is so sweet and we feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be her parents!  We also pray that we can bring HOME a happy, healthy baby sibling for Jillsie!  

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  1. Oops - let's try that again. Yay, yay! This is so beautiful. You have ridden this roller coaster with so much faith and inspiring endurance. We are so delighted to celebrate this happy news with you and will continue to pray for mama and baby. We love you all so much!