Sunday, November 9, 2014

Heartbeat!! 15 weeks #10

November 3, 2014

We found a strong heartbeat!

Because this was a last minute appointment, I was scheduled at the Hospital office.  I felt nervous and anxious as we arrived but did not anticipate the feelings I would have as we got closer to the office.  We exited the elevator and Jake and I both realized where we were in the hospital.  We were right at the labor and delivery suites where we delivered Anneliese. The last time we were there we said goodbye to our sweet little girl, Anneliese. The tears came quickly and shocked me.  Our hands definitely were grasped much tighter as we entered the office.

We were called back to the exam room quickly.  I was tense and felt like I was holding my breath.  She started on the right side of my stomach, and it felt like forever until she got to the left side and finally picked up our little ones heartbeat!  The moment the nurse found the heartbeat, I started to cry, the tension left.  I could have listened to that heartbeat all day!  I'm so grateful for this pregnancy, all I am learning, and the chance to once again put my trust in the Savior.

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