Sunday, November 9, 2014

Here we go again... #2

15 July 2014

Well. . . We are now on day 3 of  taking the shots to get my body ready to try bringing another baby into our family.  It has felt extra crazy this time around.  We have gone through every possible scenario.  From having IVF work and we get a healthy singleton, healthy multiples, a livable diagnosis to a fatal diagnosis, an early miscarriage, not having the embryos implant and not even having the embryos survive the thaw.  Knowing so many more of the possible things that could go wrong has made our stress and worries skyrocket! We have wondered constantly if we tell our families that we are doing this again or not.  But we worry about our 'what-ifs' and if it would just be better to handle our crazy emotions together as a couple and with Heavenly Father.  I think more than anything, we remember the immense joy we had in finding out we were pregnant with Jillsie.  The joy we experienced as the two of us were filled with so much love and excitement for our new journey together was so memorable that we want that again.  The joy of surprising our family with GREAT news.  So, for now, we will continue through this together and wait to bring others in to this journey.

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