Sunday, November 9, 2014

Praying for a miracle #6

August 23, 2014

Today was a big day for our family.  It's Anneliese's 7 month mark and also the day we had our first blood test to see if we are pregnant.  Our hcg levels came back low.  I test again Monday morning.  The nurses said they want to see it go up by 80%.  This has all been so stressful.  It's been crazy hoping it will work and the roller coaster of just getting pregnant.  Now, we aren't sure if it really did work and still have the stresses of what if we are pregnant but don't get to bring a baby home.  The stress is eating us up.  Trusting that The Lord will truly give us what we need is hard to accept...what if His will right now is having more heartache on our end.  I'm emotionally exhausted.  I know that I learned so much about Heavenly Fathers love and His goodness during this last year, but still worry that I might have something else to learn in a very hard way.  I feel like I keep re-learning how to trust and have hope in The Lords will for my life.  I hope one day I get this down.

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