Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Amazing Moments

  During this very hard experience, Jake and I have been blessed with some incredible tender mercies that have helped bring peace, small moments of understanding, and strength to endure.  We know that these have come for us, and have only shared very few of these moments with even fewer people.  As we have had these experiences we have felt quite strongly that they aren't common, and aren't for sharing with everyone.  We have tried very hard to follow the spirit as we have shared or not shared these moments. 

Throughout most of my life I have been an open book.  I have shared my feelings openly and have shared insights openly.  But, I am realizing that some things are given just for you at that moment. And maybe, some future time you can share things, but maybe it was just for you to learn.  Jake and I have been trying really hard to know IF we are to share and have found it hard to open up at all at times.  We have seen the incredible peace that comes when we share at the right time, even if it is a small nugget of what we have experienced, when we follow the promptings of the spirit we are always filled with an intense feeling of love and peace. 

Jake and I feel so grateful that we have these and hope that we can continue to follow the spirit and be guided throughout this pregnancy with Anneliese.

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