Sunday, March 2, 2014

Balloon Launch

While pregnant with Anneliese we did a lot of studying and found a quote that reminded us and taught us even more of the incredible gift of our physical bodies:

“The body that has been given to us was for the purpose of allowing the spirit to exalt itself to a nobler condition. The lightning that is seen flashing from cloud to cloud, from mountain top to mountain top, is an electrical force that may tear down buildings, set fire to property, and destroy life. Conduct electricity through the dynamo wire, and motor, and behold its wonderful results working for the service of man, accomplishing something under the control of a physical instrument, it thus becomes a power for good. So with steam, if allowed to evaporate freely it does little good, but restrain it in the boiler, send it through the engine, and under its power you may travel across the continent or sail from shore to shore. And so, too, with this highest, most potent of all spiritual forces, the intelligence that is in man; enshrine it in a spiritual body, that it may have the experiences of spiritual life; and then give it a physical body, that it may enter into and obtain the joy and experiences of physical life, and you have enlarged its powers immeasurably” (in Conference Report, Oct. 1912, 107). 
- Melvin J. Ballard

After reading this, we decided it would brighten up the day of the funeral to do a balloon launch at the cemetery and participate in Anneliese's party(that we were certain she was throwing in heaven for finally receiving her own body:).

Display Table at the Funeral Service
Jillian was the first to send her balloon up
As Jillsie watched the balloons go, she happily said, "Have a fun party!"

When our friends who live in Boston heard about the balloon launch, they decided to hold a family home evening that night where they would teach their 4 children about the importance of receiving a body as part of Heavenly Father's plan, and then launch their own balloons to celebrate their own bodies. We shared this idea with our other friends and family. That night we received a bunch of pictures from family and friends who did the same...

 North Carolina

Our old neighbors had a clever idea to celebrate in another way by making homemade pillows

When it was all said and done we felt so happy for our little angel. In 45 short minutes she was able to touch so many lives, and we will forever keep her memory close to our hearts. She has an eternal mission and only needed a short time with us to bless our lives to the fullest. We can't wait to be reunited with her again someday through the grace and blessings of the the Atonement of Christ.  Thank you all for helping us celebrate with her:)

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