Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Doctor!

On Wednesday, Jake and I had our first appointment with our new doctor, Dr. Clark.  We met Dr. Clark after our big genetic counseling appointment when we found out about Annelise's diagnosis. She was amazing!  She was great at the counseling appointment and she exceeded all of our hopes on Wednesday!  It was like she truly wanted to know us! Not just how I was at that moment, or even just this pregnancy.  She asked lots of questions and talked about Anneliese like any other sweet little baby.  Anneliese wasn't deformed or lacking in any way, or an "it"...she was our little girl and she wanted to make sure we enjoyed every moment with her! Jake and I left feeling excited! For the first time in months, Jake and I just felt happy to be pregnant again.  I'm so grateful for her and her staff! And for the feelings of peace and joy that filled our hearts again!  We have needed it so much lately and I feel so blessed to have pure joy again!!

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